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Charles W. Rawl & Associates is a wealth management and financial planning team focused on the unique needs of business owners, executives, and affluent investors, particularly those considering a business sale or exit, and those planning for retirement.

Focused on the unique needs of each individual client, our holistic financial planning practice may incorporate the use of managed money, alternative investments, annuities, and life insurance. Investment portfolios can be managed on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis.

Our mission is to help clients build wealth during working years, while taking the right steps now to prepare for the transition from wealth accumulation to a sustainable, tax-minimized retirement income and a lasting legacy.

Three Inter-Linked Industries in the Financial Sector

The Banking, Insurance, and Investment industries are inter-linked. Charlie Rawl has extensive experience in all three, much of it earned before the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed in 1999.

This multi-industry perspective powers our team with a unique qualification: to complement holistic wealth management and investment services with proactive, tax-optimized retirement income and estate planning that helps protect our clients from taxes and volatile markets, while establishing a legacy, and maximizing lifelong income.

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Charles W. Rawl
Charles W. Rawl


Terri McBride

Registered Representative
Client Services Manager

Michael Fontanini

Vice President, Advanced Planning and Design
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Amy Blanchard

Senior Underwriting Coordinator
Direct of Case Management
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