Wealth Management and Financial Planning Services

Comprehensive Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Charles W. Rawl & Associates, LLC offers wealth management and financial planning services to clients of all age groups.

Focusing on the unique needs of each individual client, our holistic financial planning practice may incorporate the use of money management, alternative investments, annuities, and life insurance. Investment portfolios can be managed on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis.

Our mission is to help clients build wealth during working years, while planning for the transition from wealth accumulation to sustainable, tax-minimized retirement income and a lasting legacy.

Retirement Income Focus

We are on a mission to design and implement proactive, tax-optimized retirement income and estate plans that help protect our clients from taxes and volatile markets, while maximizing lifelong income and establishing a legacy.

Typical retirement planning touches only the tip of the iceberg. We go beyond to put our clients in control of the many forces that impact life in retirement: managing multiple risks, ensuring a reliable retirement income stream, and reducing tax rates toward zero.

To guide you on this path, we follow a unique path. Read more about Wonderfully Rich RetirementSM Planning.

Life Insurance Solutions

Today’s life insurance products can generate attractive income tax-free internal rates of return on top of providing immediate liquidity to the beneficiary at the death of the insured.

Many people think of life insurance only for its most basic use: a death benefit. Many are not aware that life insurance in their later years can solve a multitude of other problems.

Charles W. Rawl & Associates is an owner firm of Lion Street, a leading national financial services company owned by fiercely independent financial advisors. Through Lion Street, we are able to offer our clients the most competitive solutions and products available. Read more about the surprising power of life insurance.

Learn more about the first step you can take toward a truly tax savvy, income maximized, risk managed Wonderfully Rich RetirementSM.

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