Retirement Income & Legacy Planning in Houston, Texas

Only the Tip of the Iceberg

Typical retirement planning touches only the tip of the iceberg. We go beyond.
Charles W. Rawl & Associates reaches below the surface to put our clients in control of the forces that impact life in retirement: managing risks, ensuring a reliable retirement income stream, and reducing tax rates toward zero.
We are on a mission to design and implement proactive, tax-optimized retirement income and estate plans that help protect our clients from taxes and volatile markets, while maximizing lifelong income and establishing a legacy.

A Paradigm Shift for Retirement Income Planning

Our goal is to help you achieve what you deserve: Financial planning for a Wonderfully Rich RetirementSM, defined on your terms.
To get there, we follow a unique path.
We differentiate our retirement income financial planning from other wealth management firms by focusing on these three critical outcomes:
Wonderfully Rich Retirement - Tax Savvy - Income Maximized - Risk Managed
Tax Savvy

Comprehensive Tax Savvy retirement income plan to minimize lifelong tax. Our goal is to build the most efficient, longest lasting, tax-optimized retirement income stream that could include income from three tax buckets: the pre-tax bucket, the after-tax bucket, and the tax-free bucket.

Some clients are able to get to a zero percent tax rate at some point in their retirement.

Income Maximized

Going beyond simplistic ideas like the “four percent rule” or other “safe withdrawal rates” to develop a comprehensive retirement Income Maximized plan to pinpoint multiple income maximizing strategies.

Becoming income maximized ensures that you have legacy left. Income that lasts past your final day, to get through the finish line, not just to it.

Risk Managed

Comprehensive Risk Managed retirement income and legacy plan, integrating the investment and income plan with the estate plan, to encompass new risks.

In retirement, we face an entirely different set of risks, including sequence of returns risk, inflation risk, longevity risk and healthcare risks, not to mention tax risk.

par·a·digm shift

1. an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way.


No Better Time Than Now

There is no better time than now to prepare for the changing tax regimes ahead with a comprehensive analysis of your potential income tax and estate tax liabilities.

We are keenly focused on tax-minimizing strategies.

We provide proactive financial planning analysis and advice and work with tax and legal professionals to implement creative solutions.

Generating Retirement Income is Challenging in Today’s Environment

Historically low interest rates push down yields. And the federal government will try to keep interest rates low; higher interest rates would compound the increasing federal deficit.

On the other hand, fixed income investments tend to lose value when interest rates go up.

And, with the stock markets at record highs, the potential of losing money in equities is a persistent worry.

From Wealth Accumulation to a Protected Retirement Income Stream

It is very difficult to convert immediately from an accumulation-based portfolio to a tax-efficient retirement income stream that will last a lifetime. This requires specialized planning that ideally begins years before retirement.

Our goal is to help you reach a Wonderfully Rich RetirementSM, by building the most efficient, longest-lasting, tax-optimized retirement income stream, which does enable some clients to get to a zero-tax rate at some point in their retirement.

What is a Legacy Plan?

Along with retirement income planning, our legacy planning is customized to the unique needs and desires of each individual client. For some, retirement is the legacy of their working years that enables years of comfortable living. For others, leaving a legacy to their heirs and/or to special charitable causes is their goal.

Together with estate planning attorneys, we craft a plan to minimize taxes, maximize legacy and ensure your legacy goes where it is intended. At Charles W. Rawl & Associates, we believe you deserve a Wonderfully Rich RetirementSM on your terms.

Learn more about the first step you can take toward a truly tax savvy, income maximized, risk managed Wonderfully Rich RetirementSM.

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